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Military Veterans Against Child Abuse is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to educate children, parents, child care providers, teachers and the community as a whole about child safety and child abuse prevention through educational material, activities, seminars and advocacy.

Our program is based upon two books written specifically for children ages preschool through kindergarten.  The books, The ABC’s and 123’s of Child Safety, and the bilingual version, A-B-C Learn Safety With Me, teach young children, as young as two years old, about personal safety through the use of the alphabet and numbers.


These innovative and fun books are currently being used by Head Start teachers, Child Development Center operators and parents across the country to teach young children about safety in a non-scary, but effective manner.  As a child learns a new number or alphabet, a safety topic is incorporated at the same time, so that none of the topics will be scary or frightening for a child.  


Some of the topics covered include knowing their full name and address, phone number, parent’s full name, bullying, not keeping secrets, fire and pool safety, not accepting gifts from strangers, car seat safety, what to do if lost, or how to react during an attempted abduction and many more.  Once children have mastered the basics of personal safety, staying safe is as natural to them as saying their ABC’s!


Military Veterans Against Child Abuse is proud to have been awarded the Top Nonprofit Award for 2014 and 2015 from the Great Nonprofits organization.  The book, A-B-C Learn Safety With Me, was awarded the Best of 2014 Year Award and Editor’s Choice Award from the Family Review Center (Review #3084).


For more information on these very important books, or to donate to Military Veterans Against Child Abuse, go to  Follow them on Twitter - @mvacaunited and Facebook –   

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