We are a non-profit organization that offers support to adult survivors of child abuse.

Therapy and advice are not a part of, although we believe that the peer-based support found on isurvive can be a supplement to therapy; the site is simply a quiet, safe landing platform for those who find us.


We offer resources, an online chat room and forums - a place where either survivors or their loved ones can seek support from peers in an anonymous environment. There are also several private forums which offer additional security in the knowledge that public access is restricted. The site is moderated daily to ensure a sense of presence and safety.


Our membership is worldwide and continues to grow on a daily basis. The online community of men and women provides information, support and the opportunity to share experiences which may be helpful to others. Organizers and participants with isurvive have been speaking from experience and from their hearts since 2001. is led and managed by a Board of Directors and a team of volunteers through the United States, Europe, UK and Australia. Our mission is to offer resources to our members, and instil hope that healing can happen, in our safe and secure environment. You need never feel alone again.



The opinions expressed in these articles are the author's own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Apocalypse Pictures.

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